Timothy S Y Lam Foundation

Our Programs


Our Programs

If you are a hospitality professional, look through the site to see how we can help fund your certification, continuing education or conference travel.

If you a hospitality association, look through the site to see how we can support your educational endeavors to support hospitality professionals. 



Certifications are peer-recognized credentials that testify to an individual's education, experience and competency in a comprehensive body of knowledge. 


Attending or participating in a conference is a fast and condensed way to keep abreast of the industry and to network with fellow professionals. Conferences promote fellowship and affords hospitality professionals with access to educational seminars, networking opportunities, and research ideas. 


Continuing education is what keeps a career advancing and vibrant. Education comes in many forms, from degrees to certificates to courses. We fund them all.  


Research that is practical with immediate benefit and applicability to the hospitality industry is what the Foundation will consider funding. Deliverables are very broad, from articles, to white papers, to textbooks, seminars and more.